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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to provide virtual needs and virtual video streaming?


Every project is unique. Some clients prefer more "bells and whistles". Obviously the more time spent on a project the higher the cost. We have come up with a formula which outlines costs see the pricing page for details on this.


What is the difference between having my virtual video streaming commercial production on the internet and having my "commercial" aired on television?


There are a couple answers here. First both require some sort of production to be created. Filming, stills, graphics, voice over, etc. Then your production has to be edited. Putting all the pieces together for how you want your final segment to look. Once edited the format your production is created on is dependant on how you want to present it. If it will show on television the format may be beta, dvc-pro, even vhs. On the internet the format is source and file driven digitally creating an acceptable way to see it online. The only differences here is where your production will air, and how much to produce it. That difference can vary significantly dictating strains on budgeting and advertising costs. On television you have to pay air time on the internet you pay for bandwidth transfer space.


How soon can I realize my virtual video streaming production going live?


Typically we will schedule a "shoot" date and send our filming crew to your location. Afterwards your film is sent to our editing department where a pre cut is created for you to evaluate. Once the final cut is made and approved by you we will then format it to your needs. That may be for television ready or internet use. From there we will create a custom page to include your virtual video streaming message. Once completed you are ready to go "LIVE". The process generally can be completed within 30 days.


We are a non-profit Organization - do you provide any discounts?

As you can see our pricing is more than fair and set for high-value. Volume requests are taken into consideration for multiple requests. For example a real estate company would like 5 houses/properties filmed every week - An Automobile dealer would like several offers produced to run weekly - a golf course would like to rotate 6 tips monthly, etc... In these cases a custom quote is prepared based on volume. If this is what you need please request a custom quote based on your virtual needs.


We already have a commercial and other videos made, can you provide us with your Virtual Needs service so we can have it online?


Yes. We can use your existing productions - even change them if you like and create an online production so your visitors can experience your message 24/7/365. This service would require a custom quote because the production aspect is already done. Contact us for a free estimate. or see our Introductory offer.


We will film, edit and format a complete video presentation for use on your website. Just like having a commercial on television without the high costs. We can even include custom buttons, like take a test drive, visit the property, buy now, even different languages, to setup any format you desire.

Whatever your virtual needs are we have a solution.

You will have the ability to literally show your company, service, or product information to anyone in or out of town worldwide 24/7/365. What an incredible benefit to your customers, support staff, customer service department, and your organization overall. Draw more attention to your business because you provide the latest technology in servicing and informing your clients or employees by actually having a Virtual Needs selling and support tool 24/7/365 which shows more than just text, pictures or moving slides.

We are very excited to offer this opportunity to you and hope you are as excited about the opportunities it presents. Contact us anytime to find out more information or to fulfill your Virtual Needs.

Please note - Virtual Needs WILL NOT under any circumstances provide any adult or illegal content information within the virtual video streaming projects we create. We reserve the right to refuse service for any project for any reason we deem as a conflict, harmful, illegal, or otherwise by our sole judgment not to be in good taste.  

To find out more simply send us a request

or call 716.656.0210





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